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Gravic Remark

Gravic’s popular Remark products eliminate the tedium and expense associated with collecting data from surveys, tests, assessments and other forms. Thousands of educators and research professionals use our Remark Office OMR®, Remark Web Survey® and Remark Classic OMR® products to simplify the data collection process for both paper and web-based forms.


Remark Office OMR V7

Is a leading Windows based forms-processing software package for surveys and tests. The software recognises optical marks (bubbles and check boxes) as well as barcodes. With Remark Office OMR, you can design your own forms using any word processor, print them on your printer, scan and recognise data with your image scanner and then analyse the data or export the data to the application of your choice.


Remark Web Survey

Remark Web Survey will help you create and administer online surveys, evaluations, registrations, guest books, ballots, information request forms and anything else that will pull in information – and you don’t have to learn HTML to do it. Remark Web Survey makes it easy and affordable for anyone to create, publish and gather results form online forms.




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