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Simplify real-time rich Internet applications (RIAs)

Adobe® LiveCycle® Data Services ES software is a high-performance, scalable, and flexible framework that streamlines the development of RIAs using Adobe Flex® software and the Adobe AIR™ runtime. LiveCycle Data Services ES abstracts the complexity required to create server push–based applications and supports a rich set of features to create real-time and near real-time solutions. Backed by a powerful data services API, the software simplifies data management problems such as tracking changes, synchronization, paging, and conflict resolution.

LiveCycle Data Services ES is deployed as a standard J2EE web application, which enables you to leverage your existing infrastructure and investments.


Why LiveCycle Data Services ES


  • Easily integrate RIAs with LiveCycle document and process services.
  • Create data-intensive RIAs with less code, less risk, and accelerated time to market using innovative client services technologies.
  • Enable collaboration and allow offline AIR applications and real-time data streaming applications to be built in a scalable, reliable manner with robust publish and subscribe messaging.
  • Provide virtually seamless data management for applications with high data transaction/paging needs.
  • Integrate RIAs with existing applications, back-end data, and J2EE infrastructure.
  • Generate PDF documents based on preauthored templates from RIAs that include graphical assets such as graphs and charts.


Creating rich Internet applications (RIAs) requires a level of data integration that goes beyond the traditional request/response model. Providing a richer, more engaging experience often requires more data-intensive interaction and introduces new challenges in managing data between the client and server tiers. Using Adobe® LiveCycle® Data Services ES software, you can build applications that add rich data capabilities—with information flowing between tiers — to enable an ever-increasing array of innovative customer experiences that can be offered through RIAs.


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