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Adobe LiveCycle Output ES

Dynamically generate personalized documents on demand in print and electronic formats


Adobe® LiveCycle® Output ES software is ideally suited to support on-demand document processes, generating documents such as correspondence, confirmations, bids, or shipping labels. Merge XML data from back-end systems with Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES templates to generate documents in PDF, PDF/A, PostScript®, PCL, or Zebra label formats. Customize electronic document packages by combining newly generated PDF files with existing files from document repositories. Or convert PDF files to print or image file formats, and then route automatically to support direct server-based printing or archiving operations.


Why LiveCycle Output ES

  • Improve customer service and response time with automated and personalized document generation.
  • Standardize on award-winning Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES software to create and manage collections of document templates.
  • Create and deliver customized document packages from new or existing PDF files.
  • Enable direct server-based PDF file printing.
  • Support document archiving with PDF/A file generation, as well as PDF-to-TIFF or PDF-to-PDF/A file conversion. Link to Adobe LiveCycle Content Services ES software for storage.
  • Reduce the cost of document development, maintenance, and support by leveraging the LiveCycle environment and developer community.
  • Generate documents in a wide range of languages, addressing global business needs and client preferences.


How it works


Step 1. Design templates
Create an intelligent document template using Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES software, which is included with Adobe LiveCycle Workbench ES software. Import existing PDF, Word, Adobe Output Designer (IFD), or other document templates. Or create new templates in a WYSIWYG environment.


Step 2. Manage templates
Manage XML templates and template fragments through the central repository provided with Adobe LiveCycle ES Foundation, or leverage your existing ECM environment.


Step 3. Orchestrate multistep processes
With LiveCycle Workbench ES, you can visually build end-to-end processes including the document generation, assembly, encryption services, and delivery services in LiveCycle Output ES. You can also extend your process to include other Adobe LiveCycle ES solution components such as Adobe LiveCycle Forms ES, LiveCycle Digital Signatures ES, LiveCycle Content Services ES, or LiveCycle Rights Management ES software.


Step 4. Generate and assemble documents
Merge XML templates with data from back-end systems to generate documents in PDF, PostScript®, PCL, or Zebra label formats. New PDF documents can be combined with existing PDF files or pages to create customized document packages, including interactive PDF forms created with LiveCycle Forms ES.


Step 5. Protect documents
Automatically encrypt electronic documents or apply document usage controls.


Step 6. Deliver
Generate customized documents in multiple formats for delivery across many channels, including print, fax, e-mail, and web. Customers, partners, and suppliers can engage with electronic documents easily using ubiquitous Adobe Reader® software.



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