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Adobe LiveCycle Process Management ES

Streamline business processes across your firewall


Adobe® LiveCycle® Process Management ES software delivers unprecedented visibility and control over your business processes. It lets you orchestrate people, systems, content, and business rules into streamlined, end-to-end processes that are accessible to process participants through engaging user interfaces, online or offline. Out-of-box dashboards help you gain insights into business operations in real time. Management tools let you fix day-to-day operational problems and make long-term process improvements.


Why LiveCycle Process Management ES

  • Accelerate delivery of new business process applications through drag-and-drop process modeling and user interface development
  • Engage process participants inside and outside the firewall with highly interactive rich Internet application (RIA) interfaces, form wizards, and multimedia PDF files in online and offline modes
  • Proactively manage customer problems and service-level agreements (SLAs) with business activity monitoring dashboards and alerts
  • Effectively manage all content flowing through your processes
  • Efficiently manage process tasks through a customizable workspace with search, sort, escalate, delegate, and remind capabilities
  • Decrease the cost and time of implementation by deploying process interaction user interfaces in the runtimes of Adobe Reader® and Flash®
  • Dynamically adapt your processes to rapidly changing business requirements


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