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Adobe LiveCycle Production Print ES

Dynamically generate personalized documents for high-volume production environments


Adobe® LiveCycle® Production Print ES software is ideally suited to perform high-volume jobs through efficient batch processes, generating documents such as statements, invoices, contracts, or welcome kits. Merge XML, ASCII or other data types from back-end systems with Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES templates to generate documents in a broad range of print or electronic formats, including AFP and IJPDS to support high volume production requirements. Customize print document packages by collecting multiple jobs over time and then grouping them to minimize your mailing costs. Or, convert AFP or PDF files to any supported output format.


Why Production Print ES

  • Increase customer response rates and loyalty with personalized communications.
  • Decrease time and costs associated with high-volume print operations.
  • Reduce mailing costs by collecting and grouping print jobs for more efficient processing.
  • Deliver secure, multichannel output according to user profiles and preferences.
  • Use in conjunction with other LiveCycle ES solution components to build end-to-end business processes within and beyond the firewall.
  • Standardize on a single document design tool, LiveCycle Designer ES, that spans interactive, on-demand, and high-volume document applications.
  • Decrease your staff training and support burden by leveraging industry-standard development tools


How it works


Step 1. Develop templates
Create intelligent document templates and reusable template fragments using included Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES software. The intuitive WYSIWYG environment makes it easy to design the layout and define the data fields. Simply drag and drop an XML schema to bind a data source to the variable data fields. You can even define content-based barcodes whose appearance will change based on the data fields.


Step 2. Format data and documents
LiveCycle Production Print ES accepts structured data from applications, allowing you to process XML, as well as field-, record-, or page-based ASCII data. This data is merged with LiveCycle Designer ES templates and transformed into a "logical" page in a device-independent format in which elements such as typefaces, line and paragraph breaks, and other similar attributes are fixed. LiveCycle Production Print ES also transforms preformatted AFP and PDF documents into the same device-independent format for subsequent processing.


Step 3. Render documents
Documents are rendered into their final print or electronic file output format after all of the previous steps have been completed. LiveCycle Production Print ES delivers a wide range of formats suitable for high-volume, departmental, or label printers, as well as electronic formats.


Step 4. Deliver documents
LiveCycle Production Print ES supports multichannel output options for document distribution, with support for a wide range of output protocols, devices, and systems, including print, fax, e-mail, and web.



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