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Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions ES

Fill in, sign, comment on, or save Adobe PDF files using only Adobe Reader


With Adobe LiveCycle® Reader Extensions ES software, you can quickly and easily activate functionality within Adobe Reader (version 7 and above), enabling end users to save, fill in, annotate, sign, and submit PDF documents and forms — online or offline. LiveCycle Reader Extensions ES works with existing IT assets to create an automated environment for capturing information and feedback vital to helping your organization cut costs, improve customer satisfaction, speed time to market, and extend the value of your investment in enterprise applications.


Why Reader Extensions ES

  • Extend document-based processes outside your organization to better engage with customers, partners, constituents, and colleagues.
  • Improve user experiences and flexibility by extending PDF files to an offline environment.
  • Improve collaboration and streamline document reviews.
  • Enhance the security of enterprise forms and data with digital signatures.


How it works


LiveCycle Reader Extensions ES works hand in hand with Adobe Reader software, which is available free of charge and easily downloaded from LiveCycle Reader Extensions ES enables you to embed usage rights within a PDF document. These usage rights "turn on" functionality within Adobe Reader, so end users can view and interact with PDF documents.


Step 1. Add rights to the PDF file
Turn on functionality for Adobe Reader. You can add rights to single documents or batches of documents through the API as part of a process, or through common foundation invocation methods such as web service calls or watched folders.


Step 2. Distribute the PDF file
Make the PDF file available through whatever means you prefer, whether it is physical media, a file download, or online web access.


Step 3. Use the PDF file
Normally latent end-user capabilities are automatically activated when the rights-enabled Adobe PDF document is launched within Adobe Reader. When the user is finished working with the document, those functions are once again disabled until the user receives another rights-enabled PDF file. All of this functionality comes at no additional cost to your customers, constituents, partners, or colleagues.



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