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Capella FormPort


Capella Technologies’ products and solutions are designed to enhance, track and secure document output without requiring major changes to existing business systems or hardware. That means you can improve the cost-effectiveness of document output while leveraging your existing investments in technology.


Capella FormPort Designer

FormPort Designer gives you all the tools you need to quickly develop your own form templates, exactly to your specifications. FormPort Designer offers the ease-of-use desired by novice users combined with the flexibility demanded by experienced designers.

It gives users the ability to incorporate a wide variety of data fields into an unlimited number of document designs. Document templates created by FormPort Designer can contain graphics and logos, as well as “static” text in a variety of fonts and sizes. There is no programing required.


Capella FormPort Flash


Tired of having to support your ERP applications with dedicated impact printers and pre-printed forms? FormPort Flash is a printer-based solution that automatically converts the incoming, text-based data stream from ERP applications into professional, graphics-rich documents.

It can be installed into the memory expansion slot on a variety of compatible HP LaserJet or MFP devices, reducing or eliminating your need for impact printers. FormPort Flash can be set up to support a variety of job definition files (Forms), and it will automatically select the proper Form based upon the incoming printer data stream. Forms can even include special fonts and graphics. FormPort Flash requires no modification to your ERP application - and once it is set up - it requires no end-user intervention.


Capella FormPort Server Printing Overview


With Capella Technologies FormPort Server, you can simplify your cheque printing process, streamline your business operations and maximise your investment in both your ERP applications and your HP LaserJet printers – all at the same time.

FormPort Server transforms raw text from line-of-business applications into professional-looking cheques and other corporate documents. These cheques can be easily distributed throughout your Microsoft Windows server environment and output on a wide range of popular and cost-effective HP LaserJet printers and MFP devices.

It is the ideal solution for any company that wants to liberate itself from the cost and hassle of dedicated line printers and pre-printed cheque stock. With FormPort Server, you can add logos, signatures, special fonts, MICR characters and more to your cheques, with no need to alter your existing applications. Additionally, FormPort Server can help your business operate more efficiently by automating both your formatting and distribution processes.


Capella Multi-Host Print


Designed for IBM Host Environments, Capella MHP is a printer-based solution that gives HP LaserJet and MFP devices the ability to process both IPDS and SCS data streams. MHP can convert the EBCDIC-based-SCS printer data stream supported by popular iSeries and mid-range servers and other IBM hardware into “enhanced” SCS documents complete with fonts, barcodes, logos, images and more, without the need for expensive IPDS-equipped server hardware. MHP accomplishes this feat with no external devices and no modifications to host applications.




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