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Generate professional, high quality, personalised documents to better communicate with customers and suppliers.



DocOrigin is an XML based solution that is suited to both on-demand and batch document generation.  The DocOrigin set of applications can format customer application data into professional quality documents and forms.  


DocOrigin can be used to dynamically generate a wide range of documents and business communication such as:

-  general business forms like invoices, shipping documents, packing slips and purchase orders

-  government and institutional forms

-  customised banking and insurance statements and documents.




The set of applications includes DocOrigin ConfigEditor, DocOrigin Design, DocOrigin Merge and DocOrigin QueueMonitor.


The DocOrigin ConfigEditor is an interactive Windows application that assists in editing and customising printer configuration files that define fonts, printer options and carious default shared by multiple forms.


The DocOrigin Design tool is an intuitive graphical design tool which makes it easy to create and modify document templates without any deep technical knowledge.


DocOrigin Merge is the application that combines the form and the data to create and output documents to PCL, Postscript or PDF.


DocOrigin QueueMonitor is an application that enables DocOrigin Merge to receive data via a standard Windows print queue.  The QueueMonitor is specially useful for legacy applications that cannot output data into XML format.  The QueueMonitor can intercept these data files, call custom JavaScript routines and pass the data to Merge with the appropriate parameters so that Merge can then convert it to a compatible XML format. This data an then be processed by Merge.

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