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Business Process Management


Streamline business processes and workflows; and monitor, analyse, and tune all your processes in real-time with internal or external stakeholders

Processes drive business. Almost everything, from straightforward administrative tasks to complex cross-departmental decision-making, involves a process. Organisations that realise the importance of automating their processesin a secure and compliant way are the ones that improve customer service and reduce costs through elimination of manual steps. This leads to more competitive and sustainable service delivery. To effectively manage any process, you need flexible process customisation and business logic enforcement, process integration, and process monitoring and reporting. 

Indigo Pacific provides complete workflow and business process management solutions to streamline and automate your document and human-centric business processes and to integrate people, systems, documents and business rules. Out-of-box dashboards help you gain insights into business operations in real time. You can fix day-to-day operational problems, make long-term process improvements and quickly invoke new processes that automatically deal with back-end systems.

You can automate a business process so the level of service and quality remains the same, whilst simultaneously reducing cost. In addition, you can manage the flow of work and information among employees, customers and partners, and extend the value of your core systems, including ERP, ECM, CRM, BMP, other underlying databases and legacy enterprise applications. You can monitor, analyse, and tune your forms-based solutions.


With Indigo Pacific’s Business Process Management solutions, you can:

•    Identify and eliminate process bottlenecks, check progress and improve service levels;

•    Gain access to other process information to provide a 360-degree view of a business transaction and improve process control, accountability and flexibility;

•    Respond to shifting business conditions without changing core systems;

•    Extend and leverage existing IT investments.

Indigo Pacific has the expertise and technology to help you simplify and automate your existing end-to-end business processes and workflows; ultimately addressing the three critical success factors of any Business Process Improvement initiative: process customisation and business logic enforcement; process integration; and process monitoring and reporting.


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